30 day dance challenge kit



30 day dance challenge

Looking for a super fun way to help your dancers work on their goals, build team spirit and confidence? The 30 day dance challenge kit ticks all the boxes.  it is an absolute HIT with dancers.  With a combination of guided goal setting, accountability, and group motivation, the 30 day challenge is hugely successful for young dancers.  The kit consists contains everything you need to run a 30 day challenge in your studio.  Over 14 pages students are guided through the process of setting an achievable goal.  This goal is then broken down into mini-goals as dancers are introduced to the concept of step ladder goals.  The Kit provides dancers with 30 days worth of challenge charts including motivation and reflection exercises.

The 30 day dance challenge kit includes

  • Goal setting guide
  • SMART goal transformation
  • Defining stepladder goals
  • Excercise mapping
  • 30 days of challenge charts
  • Reflection
  • Wallcharts

The challenge kit comes to you as a digital download so you can print or share it online with your dancers.  Purchase once and use for years to come.