Brainy Ballerinas Preschool Ballet Activity Sheets



Brainy Ballerinas Preschool Ballet Activity Sheets

Are you looking to add value to your Preschool Dance program?  Looking for something to set your program apart? Say hello to the Brainy Ballerinas Preschool Ballet Activity Sheets! Preschool educational activity books are HOT right now.  Parents are always searching for ways to boost their child’s learning skills and keep them engaged with educational activities. Parents who enroll their children in Preschool Dance class definitely fall into this category which is why our ‘Brainy Ballerinas’ Preschool Ballet educational activity pack is SO popular. It is a combination of dancing AND preschool educational skills.

Designed in conjunction with ballet teachers and preschool educators, this 20-page Preschool Activity Pack helps set your students up for educational success.   Aimed at dancers aged 4-6 this pack focuses on the building blocks of early literacy and maths skills all with a ballet theme!  It is the perfect way to add value to your Preschool Dance Program with very little outlay.  You can print out the pack or even email it straight to parents.  Suddenly they are not only enrolled in dance BUT they are receiving quality material to advance their child’s early learning skills. This enhances your program immensely and yet it is so simple!

The activity sheets cover everything from counting and writing letters to matching, sorting, and fine motor skill development.  The sheets are designed to enhance what children learn in dance class so it is a win for everybody! They have been specially designed with beautiful graphics and engaging activities to keep your little learners busy for hours. This means, happy parents! Combining dance classes with school readiness skills is a new and emerging field.  Jump on board while it is still new!

Here’s what you can expect from our ‘Brainy Ballerinas’ Preschool Ballet activity pack, and how it helps children stay engaged with learning.

Brainy Ballerinas Preschool Ballet Activity Pack

  • Pre-reading activities
  • Literacy activities
  • Pattern recognition
  • Matching activities
  • Fine motor skill activities
  • Pre-writing activities
  • Sorting activities
  • Size matching and sorting

Our Brainy Ballerinas Preschool Ballet Activity Sheets are also PERFECT for dance camps.  Once again you can easily add another feature to your dance camps by marketing them as incorporating Pre-K and school readiness skills.

These  Preschool Ballet Activity sheets are a downloadable resource so you can download once and use and distribute as many times as you like. They are available in A4 and Letter format.