Making Shapes Preschool Dance Class Plan and Activity Pack



What is even better than a fun filled and engaging Preschool Dance Class plan?  A Making Shapes Preschool Dance class plan that supports Preschool education frameworks and key learning concepts.  This innovative Preschool Dance class plan is based on the pre-maths key concept – shapes and encourages an exploration of shapes through ballet.   The Making Shapes Preschool dance class plan has been tried and tested to save you HOURS of work.  You can just click and go. Stand back and enjoy the delight of your young dancers and the positive feedback from parents.  In just a few minutes you can be ready to deliver a super fun and pedagogically sound Making shapes Preschool Dance class.   Just download and you are good to go. This Preschool dance class plan is designed for in-person and Zoom classes. 

Making Shapes Preschool Dance Class plans includes

  • Fully choreographed exercises that explore the concept of shapes through dance, dancers will go on a fun-filled adventure, making shapes with their body and drawing shapes with their movement
  • Circuits, games, and making shapes activities
  • Full playlist
  • 12-page coloring and activity sheet pack
  • Place Markers and game pieces
  • Pedagogically sound curriculum focussing on 
    • Levels
    • Speed
    • Direction
    • Fine Motor Skills
    • Gross Motor Skills
    • Rhythm
    • Emotions
    • Coordination
    • Imaginative Play
  • Social Media Marketing Material
  • Pre-prepared Informative Flyer for Parents

All this adds up to saving your hours and HOURS of work! If you employ multiple Preschool Teachers just give them the link and with the click of a button, your whole staff is on the same page. The pre-prepared letter for parents and activity pack helps cement the concepts covered in class.  It also builds parental engagement and trust. These extra educational materials make it so easy to add enormous value to your program.  Not only are children enrolled in a dance class but they are also receiving educational material that supports early years education.   Parents who love your program will spread the word!  

These tried and tested class plans are based on the Preschool Ballet Blueprint, the bestselling downloadable Preschool curriculum, currently being used worldwide to deliver super popular preschool Programs.  Join the thousands of schools already enjoying these affordable and easy-to-use class plans designed in conjunction with qualified ballet teachers and childhood development professionals.