Zoom Ballet Games and activities



This Zoom Ballet games and activity pack is especially designed for Zoom classes and with a special focus on Ballet themed activities and FUN!! There is a range of games activities for all ages with most activities having a variety of options so you can tailor them to your students. They are perfect for revising theory through games and are an absolute HIT with students.

Included in the pack are

  • Ballet Step tracing and scavenger hunt game with different versions for beginner to intermediate students
  • Ballet steps in a picture scavenger hunt for intermediate to advanced students
  • Princess Pandemonium – beginner to intermediate Princess Ballet Step game – super popular!
  • Famous Ballet – intermediate to advanced with Break Out room options
  • Choreography Challenge – Intermediate to Advanced with Break out room options.

This Zoom Ballet Game and Activity Pack is flexible and adaptable and an absolute crowd pleaser. Exercises for each age group come with various versions with differing levels of difficulty. These are a great tool to help keep Zoom classes motivating and engaging.