Ballet Blueprint – Level 1



Ballet Blueprint – Level 1 – ages 5-7

The latest member of the Ballet Teaching Blueprint series is here – Level 1 is a ballet curriculum aimed at beginning ballet students in their first years of formal ballet instruction. The Ballet Blueprint is a pedagogically sound, complete ballet curriculum designed for you to use with your beginning ballet students. The carefully crafted syllabus promotes a secure technical foundation whilst at the same time aiming to enchant and delight your young ballet students through the use of imagery and imagination. Each step is accompanied by a checklist to ensure correct technique, along with a list of common faults and appropriate imagery which is guaranteed to fast track learning. The Ballet Blueprint for Beginning ballet students comes complete with a Spotify Playlist and has copious notes on all aspects of running a successful ballet class including

  • Classroom control
  • Promoting good behaviour
  • How to progress students through the syllabus
  • The use of imagery to promote learning
  • Developing sound technique
  • Posture, turn out and arm placement
  • Sample lesson plans

Also included are 4 fully choreographed dances and a checklist which you can use for your own records or to give out to parents for feedback on their child’s progress. The Ballet Blueprint includes beautiful illustrations depicting arm and feet positions used in the Blueprint. This complete curriculum for beginning ballet students can be used to streamline your beginner ballet classes to ensure that all teachers on the same page. The curriculum also contains a wealth of knowledge designed to educate and/or further enrich a teacher’s knowledge.

Benefits of the Ballet Blueprint series

  • Access to a wealth of knowledge and experience – this Blueprint as been used to deliver thousands of popular, fun and successful Beginner Ballet Classes.  Students trained with this program are finding elite level success across all genres at an early age and progressing with flying colours through their formal ballet exams.  So whether you are aiming to train competition dancers, prepare students for exams or just ensure that your beginning ballet students are exposed to quality dance instruction, the Blueprint has you covered.
  • One off purchase – The Blueprint is provided as a one off purchase rather than as a monthly plan.  This means you can purchase it once and use it forever.  It also means you can easily ensue all your preschool classes are uniform – just provide each of your teachers with the Blueprint and away they go.
  • Detailed tips and guidance – The Blueprint not only provides you with a curriculum but also serves as a teacher manual.  There are sections class control, information on growth mindset, praise and holding the classes attention plus a wealth of imagery to add a magical touch to your classes
  • Sample lesson plans – The Blueprint contains sample lesson plans to illustrate how to work through the phases.  There is also a blank lesson planner.