Dancer Correction Pack



If you are finding that your corrections are falling on deaf ears, if your teenagers have an attitude problem or if your dancers just aren’t making the progress you had hoped, the answer may lie in unlocking the correction code. Give your dancers the skills to use their corrections to supercharge their progress.  Corrections are one of the most valuable tools dance teachers have but there can sometimes be a disconnect between what a teacher says and what a dancer hears.  Corrections can be associated with all sorts of negative connotations and sometimes what is meant to help can be perceived as criticism.  Dancers can become demotivated when they view corrections through the eye of a fixed mindset.  When dancers approach their training with perfectionist mindset, correction can be perceived as a threat.  Even something as simple as having a bad day at school can lead to a correction doom spiral. This pack features 13 pages of worksheets, designed to help dancers understand corrections, see corrections through a growth mindset filter and learn to utilise corrections to really impact their improvement. These worksheets can be utilised in a number of ways.  You can set aside a little time over a number of weeks to work through them or have a specific workshop dedicated to corrections and other growth mindset themes. They are excellent for use on Zoom and really give students a chance to achieve something impactful during remote learning. Worksheets include

  1. What is a correction? – a thought provoking worksheet designed to uncover deep seated attitudes and ideas about corrections.
  2. Corrections – the secret code – a collection of 4 worksheets designed to help students understand corrections and interpret and implement them in a positive way
  3. Types of corrections – encourages students to look beyond the most basic types of corrections and to learn how to benefit from whole class corrections and corrections aimed at other students
  4. Corrections and Mindset – this set of worksheet introduces and recaps growth mindset theory and encourages students to think about how their mindset might influence their reaction to correction
  5. Mindset and Mood – we all have bad days but can’t always step back to consider how our mood or the experience of our day might impact our reaction to and perception of corrections. This set of worksheets explores strategies for overcoming issues relating to mood in the studio – highly recommended for teens!
  6. Mindset manipulation – this set of worksheets looks at how a simple shift in mindset can make a huge difference in dance. These lessons will lead to almost instant improvement
  7. Mindset reset – this set of worksheets confronts students with a number of familiar scenarios and encourages them to consider how they have reacted to these situations in the past and how they might better react to them in the future.
  8. Correction reaction – the interaction between class and teacher is incredibly powerful.  This worksheet helps students to understand how their reaction, manner and approach to class can influence their overall experience and their ability to progress.
  9. Corrections – the next step – the final worksheet provides students with a road map for effectively receiving, processing and ultimately applying corrections for ultimate impact.

This pack comes to you as a digital download so you can get started right away. Purchase once and use as many times as you like.

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