Dancer Success Mindset Journal



If you know a dancer ready to uncover the missing link and unlock their true potential then this is the tool for them! Mindset is often overlooked in dance training but the difference mindset can make to dancers is immeasurable. In this age of competitive dancing, performance psychology is becoming increasing vital. By learning some fundamental tools dancers can discover the key to guide themselves to new levels of success. The Dancer Success Mindset Journal introduces dancers to the latest research into Performance Psychology. It begins by introducing the concept of Growth Mindset as it applies to dance. This impact of this incredibly powerful tool is astounding. Once they have undergone a Mindset Reset, dancers are guided through strategies to overcome roadblocks to success and redefine success and failure so that failures simply become stepping stones to success. Without the fear of failure to hold them back, dancers will be amazed at their progress. From here, dancers are challenged to face their own weaknesses as they learn to align their actions with intentions. This is an absolute GAME CHANGER! Once dancers have learned to utilise the power of Growth Mindset, redefined failure, overcome their personal roadblocks and aligned their intentions with their actions, they are guided through a series of goal setting exercises. These are a selection of incredibly valuable tools that dancers can apply to their dancing and to their life outside dancing. Understanding how goal setting really works, and how to make sure you stick to the goals you have set vital for goal achievement. Finally, there is a section at the end of the journal to help process Lockdown 2020 and to extract some valuable lessons.

The Success Mindset Journal contains 50 pages of dancer specific worksheets designed to create a Success Mindset for Dancers. Modules included are

  1. Growth Mindset – the first section of the journal introduces dancers to Growth Mindset as it applies specifically to dance. Dancers are encouraged to connect effort with success and to explore the concept of success beyond shiny trophies and sashes.
  2. Once dancers have harnessed to power of Growth Mindset they are ready to tackle to notion of failure. Dancers slowly unpack this sometimes frightening concept and peel away the fear they may feel until Failure becomes just another stepping stone to their success. Banishing a fear of failure is incredibly powerful and a key step to paving the way to reach new levels of success.
  3. Next come personal roadblocks. Dancers are encouraged to explore their own roadblocks, the fears that hold them back. Using a dancer specific process, dancers are encouraged to face their roadblocks head on and develop strategies to overcome them.
  4. The next tool to learn is Laser Focus and a Unicorn Mindset. Distraction and negative thoughts have an enormous impact on dancer performance. Wobbling on skills, falling out of turns, failing to give a personal best performance, all these can be solved by learning to ignore distractions and banishing self doubt.
  5. The next section can be confronting for dancers as it focusses on aligning intentions with actions. This is where dancers must decide whether the actions they take are actually in line with what they want to achieve. Did the hours they spent on social media help them to achieve their goals – are they focusing in class and fixing their corrections?
  6. Once dancers have mastered growth mindset, uncovered their motivations, overcome their personal roadblocks and aligned their actions with intentions, it is time to start guided goal setting. Most goals are never achieved. Dancers work on them for a few days or a week and then forget about them entirely. This section of the journal provides dancers with the tools and knowledge they need to actually achieve their goals. These skills are life changing and can be taken forward into life beyond dancing.
  7. The final section of the journal deals with Lockdown and helps dancers process the experience and scaffolds the process of learning from the Lockdown experience.

The Dancer Success Mindset journal comes to you as a downloadable PDF document so you can print it out and use as many times are you like. There is also a link to the individual worksheets so extra copies can be printed. It is envisioned that the Journal will be purchased by students or by teachers for distribution to their students. Teacher input is not required for students to use the journal though the exercises are great springboards for discussion. For Teacher specific resources with information for teachers to guide students through these skills, please see see the Growth Mindset, Success Mindset and Goal setting packs.