Success mindset for competitive dancers



How to succeed at Dance Competitions – Success Mindset for Competitive Dancers

The Success Mindset for competitive dancers resource kit is designed especially with competitive dancers in mind.  Drawing on growth mindset theory, it is aimed to equip dancers with a winning mindset.  The world of competitive dance is a tough one.  You are up, you are down, dancers are judged constantly, self esteem can be challenged, self doubt creeps in.  With the technical prowess of the young dancers we are now training progressing in leaps and bounds, mindset can be the one factor that sets your dancers apart.

success mindset for dancers

With the poem in mind, the Success Mindset for competitive dancers resource kit helps you provide your students with the tools they need to succeed at dance competitions.  The Success Mindset for competitive dance kit draws on the latest research on mindset and performance and contains over 40 pages of dance specific instructions, worksheets and activities to give dancers the winning edge. Topics covered include defining success, redefining failure, reframing negative thoughts, facing fear, dealing with nerves, facing anxiety, goal setting, reflection, utilising laser focus, matching actions with intentions, motivation, pre-performance routine, effort and success, how to fix corrections, confidence, being a good team mate, motivation and being an inspired dancer.  The Success Mindset for competitive dancers comes as a digital download so you can print it and share it with your students as often as you like.  

Units in the “How to succeed at Dance Competitions” mindset bundle include

  1. Defining Success – differentiating between success symbols and success itself.
  2. Dealing with Failure – dancers are challenged to examine failure and redefine it as a stepping stone to success
  3. Dealing with fears and anxiety – dancers examine their fears and learn strategies to deal with them
  4. Reframing negative thoughts – how to be a unicorn dancer
  5. Dealing with nerves – dancers are challenged to look at what makes them nervous, how they react and then explore strategies to overcome nerves and harness their power for good
  6. Developing Laser Focus
  7. Dance competition reflection – dancers are challenged to examine every aspect of their performance, what went well and what didn’t, before, during and after.  This then forms a learning tool to shape future performances
  8. Setting SMART goals – an introduction to goal setting and a springboard for the Goal setting for dancers resource kit
  9. Matching intentions with actions – a challenging unit that asks, do you deserve your results?
  10. Dance class reflection – a weekly activity sheet to help dancers take responsibility for their training
  11. Corrections – helps dancers to link their corrections in class to the goal they have set themselves to achieve
  12. Motivation – understanding and exploring motivation as it relates to goal setting and classwork
  13. How to be a great team member – a particularly powerful worksheet if you are dealing with lack of commitment to your dance program
  14. How to be an inspired dancer – time for a mindset reset.  This worksheet challenges students to step outside of their comfort zone and start to operate with a growth mindset. It explores the notion of being inspired rather than threatened by the success of others.
  15. The Wheel of Success – the Wheel of Success brings all the units together and presents dancers with the secret of “How to succeed at dance competitions”