Growth Mindset for Dancers Program and Printables II



Growth Mindset for Dancers Program II

Have you heard of growth mindset?  Would you like to use this game changing resource in your studio but are not sure where to start?  The Growth Mindset for Dancers II Program and Printables gives you al the tools you need to scaffold the transformation of your dancers and prepare them for new levels of success.  Implementing Growth Mindset into my teaching has totally transformed my students.  Help your students let go of their fear of failure and their self doubt.  Say hello to students who embrace goal setting, are intrinsically motivated, hungry for corrections and are constantly striving for success, say hello to truly coachable students.

The Growth Mindset for Dancers II progracontains 5 Units and 16 worksheets giving you all the tools and information that you need to implement Growth Mindset into your studio.  The program comes complete with instructions and ideas and provides you with an overview of powerful growth mindset research, guiding you in how guide your students towards a growth mindset.

This program is perfect for workshops and can also easily be integrated into regular classes and given as take home assignments.  The kit comes with a collection of posters, worksheets and motivational tools such as resources for  the Banana Split club which will give you the skills and confidence to change the way you teach and change the way your dancers think about themselves, their abilities and their potential.

Unit 1 covers Corrections is is particularly helpful in helping dancers understand what corrections are, why they are given and how to apply them.  This unit helps dancers understand that they and their teacher are a TEAM, working towards a common goal.

Unit 2 covers Praise – the way we praise our students is KEY in the development of a growth mindset and in helping students let go of the idea that their ability is fixed. Praise the process, not the person.  Included in the praise unit are growth mindset praise cards for you to use with your students.

Unit 3 covers Persistance – Persistence is an integral component of growth mindset.  Beautiful hand drawn graphics help scaffold the process of goal setting.  Encourage your students to join the Banana split club with these beautiful illustrations and reward certificates.

Unit 4 covers Success – success is not alway that which we see.  Again, custom designed graphics are used with worksheets and posters to show students that the success they perceive is only part of the equation and encourages them to dig deeper and explore the power behind that success.

Unit 5 encourages self reflection – it helps dancers put all the pieces of the puzzle together, and reflect about what they are good at now and what they would like to aim for in the future.


Nicole – “Hi – just wanted to say thanks and great job on the growth mindset series! I just bought the second one. Last week I used some stuff from the first series and my team LOVED it! It opened a dialogue that was not only inspirational but also helped us to bond even more! What I didn’t know was that one of my senior girls was having a really tough day (she never showed it) and after our work with your product, her mom called to tell me that whatever we had done in class totally turned her day around and she came home excited and in a better state of mind! So thank you! I am looking forward to round 2 tonight!”

Samantha- “I love your programs so much!  Can’t wait to use this one.  I never realised what a difference growth mindset can make!  Can’t thank-you enough!”

Jillian- I received this PDF – printed them today and put them in every room for teachers to use. The response was overwhelming and so positive. Great tools to motivate students to be their best without others feeling “left out”. THANK YOU!”

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