Free Preschool Dance Movement Cards – creative dance ideas and lesson plans

Preschool Dance Movement Cards

Preschool Dance Movement Cards are a fabulous addition to your Preschool Dance classes.  There are so many different ways you can use them and they are a great, low-cost way to add a touch of seasonal flavor to your classes. Depending on how you use them, you may like to print out your movement cards and laminate them or you can even just use them on your phone or Ipad.  This is great, as it means you always have an extra trick up your sleeve.

Preschool Dance Movement Cards – how to use.

  1. Guess the card – this activity is always a HUGE hit with my classes.  Start by looking at each of the cards you will be using and practicing the movement as you go. If you are doing a themed class, this is a great time to reinforce your theme.  Then, turn the cards over, ‘shut your eyes’ and draw a card showing it to the class.  When you open your eyes, you have to guess what the movement is. Guaranteed Giggles Galore!
  2. Simon Says – Using the cards as a twist on Simon Says is great for a little brain break activity
  3. Freeze Game – yes there is more to Preschool Dance than then Freeze Game but it IS very versatile. Using your Preschool Dance Movement Cards as part of the Freeze Game is a fantastic way to bring your theme into your lesson plan.
  4. Dance sequences – Lay the cards out in a specific order and each time you clap it is time to swap to a different movement.  For your older classes experiment with turning the cards over after you have examined them and see how many movements the class can remember.  Keep in mind that in Preschool working memory is limited so give lots of clues and keep it fun.
  5. Make a circuit – Lay the cards out in a circuit like the one shown below. Vary the locomotion and perform the movement on the card as you reach each station.

Preschool Dance Movement Cards are a great way to add some variety to your Preschool Dance classes.  They are a wonderful way to incorporate themes into your classes and to reinforce concepts.  To download your free Spring and Fall-themed Preschool Dance Movement Cards just enter your email below.


These Preschool Dance Movement Cards are based on the bestselling downloadable Preschool Ballet Curriculum – the Preschool Ballet Blueprint.  The Blueprint saves you hours upon hours of work giving you a click-and-go guide of what to teach when and how. Trusted by studios worldwide, the Preschool Ballet Blueprint gives you the confidence that their first steps in dance will be the right ones.


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