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Preschool Ballet class plan Blueprint – me and my grown up

After teaching literally thousands of preschool ballet classes – my class plan blueprints are finally available.

Growth Mindset for Dancers Program and Printables II

The Growth Mindset for Dancers II Program and Printables gives you al the tools you need to scaffold the transformation…

Growth mindset for dancers resource kit

It’s finally here! The Growth Mindset for dancers resource kit! Since I started implementing growth mindset into…..

Dance Teacher Tools

Ballet Body Positions activity pack

Ballet Body positions activity pack Are your dancers struggling to learn their ballet body positions? Do they know their Croisé devant from their Ecarté? Never fear, the answer is here!  The ballet body directions activity pack includes over 20 pages of worksheets,...

Ballet theory activity pack.

Ballet theory activity pack – never struggle to teach theory again! Do your students struggle to learn and retain their ballet theory?  Do you struggle to find time and create ways to teach them? Problem solved – I have assembled all my favourite and most...

Teaching teenagers ballet.

Teaching teenagers ballet – the challenge I know we’ve all been there. We love ballet, we love teaching, but then, you are suddenly faced with the class from hell….Teen Ballet. The challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to figure out how on earth...

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