Top 5 Preschool Ballet Easter songs and Coloring Sheet

Top 5 Preschool Ballet Easter songs and activities.

Easter is such a fun theme to incorporate into your Preschool  Ballet classes.  Looking for some fun Preschool Ballet Easter songs and activities?  The Kiboomers have got you covered as usual.  You can find my Easter playlist for Preschool Ballet Easter songs on Spotify here. And if you are looking a set of seasonal ballet coloring pages, you can find them right here.

This is the Way the Bunny hops – this is a fun preschool Easter action song, perfect for locomotion around the room- follow the instructions, activities include bunny hopping, wiggling noses, shaking the tail. This is a great transition song to take your Preschool Ballet Easter classes from mat work to across the floor work,

Ten Easter Bunnies Fun counting game with locomotion freeze game – this is great starting on your place markers.  Count along with fingers, 1 little 2 little 3 and then on “Easter Bunnies” put both hands up as ears trying to keep your fingers up, then follow instructions to hop, run walk, skip and STOP, then quickly run back to your place markers to cont again.

B-U-N-N-Y  This is a great song to practice bunny hops over something.Being able to jump with two feet over an obstacle is a Preschool Ballet milestone and why not do it Preschool Ballet Easter style!?  Line up you place markers or wands or whatever you like in a line and have your little bunnies jump over them one at a time.  These bunny foot prints would be adorable for this!

Going on an Easter Hunt – (based on We’re going on a. bear hunt)  – Get all your bunny ballerinas together and move around the room pretending to go on an Easter Egg Hunt.  This is an absolutely delightful Preschool Ballet Easer activity. On the “We’re going on an Easter egg hunt chorus, creep along in time with the music, trying to be very quiet.  On the “You can’t go over it, you can’t go under it” pretend to look up and over and then crouch down to reinforce the over/under, high/low concepts, and then act out, pushing through the swishy grasss, splashing through the river, stumble trip etc. Then all grab the Easter egg and pretend to put it in your basket, follow all the actions reverse and pretend to gobble up the Easter egg.

Sleeping Bunnies This is a fun song to end off with and an all time favourite – the children pretend to sleep and then jump up and hop around and then quickly lie back down for another sleep.


The full Preschool Ballet Blueprint currently being used to deliver thousands of successful Preschool ballet classes worldwide, filled with tips and tricks for running successful Preschool Ballet classes.  This includes playlists, progressions, props, everything you need to enchant your ballerinas and have their parents raving!  Find it here.

valentines preschool ballet

And finish off how about a cute Preschool Ballet Easter colouring sheet.  My baby ballerinas can’t get enough of Nina Ballerina!  If you would like to see the range of Nina Ballerina colouring sheets that you can use to introduce ballet terms and positions click here.  To download this free Preschool Dance colouring sheet, enter your email below.


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