Dancing with a growth mindset – how to set goals

Dancing with a growth mindset – how to set goals

One of the key elements of dancing with a growth mindset is understanding that abilities aren’t fixed, that effort and attitude determine abilities.  Once dancers learn that challenges help them grow, that potential is not predetermined and that failure is an opportunity to grow the results are dramatic. Rather than your dancers being limited by a fixed mindset when they are faced with a new skill and thinking ‘I’m not good at this’, ‘I’ll never be as good as such and such’ or thinking, ‘its good enough as it is’, imagine a group of dancers who are constantly trying to learn and grow, who are inspired rather than threatened by the success of others and understanding that new skills take time.  These are the fundamentals of growth mindset and learning how to set goals is a huge part of this shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. More information about growth mindset and dance is available in the Growth mindset for Dancers Resource Kit and Ebook.  This kit has all the information you will need to introduce growth mindset into your studio and comes complete with a ten worksheets and suggestions for their use.  These can be used as part of a workshop or dance camp or integrated into your weekly classes. Find these and other great dance teacher resources in the Resources for Dance Teachers store.



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