Free Covid Safe Dance coloring pages.

Covid Safe Dance coloring pages

Help your students feel comfortable with new studio rules with these free Covid Safe Dance coloring pages featuring boy and girl dancers with face masks.  The pages, promote handwashing and good hygiene in the studio.  These pages are free and you can download them by entering your email below. Once downloaded you can print them out as many times as you would like or share them online.  For those on Zoom, you can find Welcome back to Zoom coloring pages here.

You can find the full range of coloring pages for ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop over in the Resources for Dance Teachers store. These coloring pages are based on the Ballet Blueprint series – a downloadable curriculum which takes dancers from their first steps as a Preschooler through to their first year of formal training. if you want a class of superstar minis then you need to start early and the Blueprint system of training allows you to do this.  With the Blueprint, you can rest assured that you are providing a quality ballet program for your youngest students which will fully prepare them for their formal dance training.  Students trained with the Blueprint start their formal ballet lessons 12-18 months ahead of their peers and it’s an advantage that stays with them, so the rewards for your studio just keep coming as they progress.

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