Welcome back to dance coloring page

Welcome back to dance coloring page


Please enjoy these free welcome back to dance coloring pages.  As some of us will be returning to in person learning and some returning via Zoom, there are  Zoom and non-Zoom boy and girl pages. With restrictions on handing things out in class, you may find it preferable to email the sheets before the first class or just provide the google drive link for your parents to download the sheets as they please.  These are a lovely way to scaffold the return to dance and are always a hit with Preschoolers young school aged dancers.  Just enter your email below to download these free back to dance colouring pages.


These colouring pages are part of the Preschool Ballet Blueprint, the bestselling Preschool ballet curriculum that actually prepares Preschool aged students for formal ballet training. The Blueprint is your guide to providing a quality, well organised and popular Preschool Ballet program.  The Blueprint has been tried and tested over many years and comes complete with fully choreographed syllabus, playlist, guide to promoting good behaviour as well as common faults and how to fix them.  You can learn more about the Preschool Ballet Blueprint here and find a full range of colouring and activity sheets here.


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