Top 5 Preschool Dance action songs

5 great Preschool Dance action songs

Every Preschool Dance teacher needs a few preschool dance action songs up their sleeve. They make a nice way to unwind after lots of concentrating AND they are invaluable when things go wrong. That is one thing I’m sure of after years of teaching preschool dance – you just NEVER know when things are going to take a turn for the worst – usually when you least expect it!!  Whether you are looking for a preschool dance action song to change things up, to make a transition from one part of the class to another or to save the day, here are five great ones to get you started.

valentines preschool ballet

You can check out my Preschool Dance Action song Spotify playlist herePreschool Dance Action Song

1. Doin’ the Penguin – this is great at the end of class as a wind down. To add to the song you can bring in a toy penguin. I usually spend some time discussing what color he is, whether he can fly and then after we have finished falling down for the last time, I ask Mr Penguin whether he liked our dance. He gets so excited he tries to fly away and I have to catch him.

2. The Goldfish song – a super popular action song. The kids LOVE it!! Perfect for saving the day!

3.  Dance at the Royal Ball – This is GREAT!! Before you start with this Preschool action song gem you can pretend to get all dressed up like a Princess. Then, explain about the naughty fairy and practice moving like one of the animals  the great thing about this song is that the tempo of the music in between each animal varies thus allowing for creative movement

4. Here comes a bear – I LOVE this song for transitioning from centre work to across the floor. It is a great song for the start of the year. If you do it each week, after a few terms the kids can start to be a bit silly, you’ll know when it’s time to put it away  this one is particularly good for me and my grown up classes

5. Dr Knickerbocker – I love this one for toe tap tendus and it can also work well for tap. On the chorus, do. toe taps and then follow the instructions, stamp feet, hips etc  this works best for older classes due to its length

Have fun with your Preschool Dance Action songs. Happpy Dancing.



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