Ballet Body Positions activity pack

Ballet Body positions activity pack

Are your dancers struggling to learn their ballet body positions? Do they know their Croisé devant from their Ecarté? Never fear, the answer is here!  The ballet body directions activity pack includes over 20 pages of worksheets, colouring sheets and flashcards to help you teach ballet theory with ease.  The pack is designed to adapt to different methods and includes the 9 directions of the body, croisé devant, à la quatrième devant, effacé devant, croisé derrière, à la quatrième derrière, effacé derrière, écarté devant, à la seconde, écarté derrière, plus the 8 directions of the body in Cecchetti.

Included in the pack are beautiful hand drawn illustrations meticulously designed to be to only technically accurate but also to appeal to students of today. The pack includes information worksheets including illustrations of the body position.  These are also perfect for printing and putting up in the studio, fill in the gap worksheets, and individual colouring sheets.  These sheets include an illustration of a position, plus the name and also include  space to write important points to remember.  These are an amazing teaching tool that really helps to reinforce ballet theory.  Also included are over 40 flashcards.  The flash cards include illustrations of body directions, French terminology and English translations and are fully adaptable.  You can either have the students match the pictures with just the French names or you can also include the English translations.  Only learning a few of the positions at a time?  Just give out the cards you need!  These are great for group work or in workshops.  The ballet body directions activity pack has everything your need to successfully teach the body positons.  The pack can be used in class, as take home activities or as part of camps or workshops.  The sheets are also perfect for popping up in the studio as a reference.

Your students will love the illustrations and the different activities and learning ballet theory will no longer be a struggle or a chore.  Because the body directions pack is delivered to you as  downloadable pdfs you can print as many sheets as you need over and over again!


You can find the ballet body positions pack and other great teaching resources in the Resources for Dance Teachers store.  Looking for more ballet theory activities?  Check out the Mega Ballet Theory activity pack.



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