Ballet theory activity pack.

Ballet theory activity pack – never struggle to teach theory again!

Do your students struggle to learn and retain their ballet theory?  Do you struggle to find time and create ways to teach them? Problem solved – I have assembled all my favourite and most beloved ballet theory activities and worksheets and bundled them up into one big ballet theory activity pack.  Included in the pack are word searches, flash cards, colouring sheets, classification exercises, theory match and picture match exercises.  There are ballet theory worksheets to suit beginner trough to advanced students.  For your youngest students there are colouring sheets with the 5 positions of the feet and basic ballet terminology.  Exercises for beginner students include fill in the gap style exercise and word search exercises.  Theory match is perfect for your intermediate students.  The ballet theory flash card set includes over 45 flashcards which can be tailored to suit a variety of levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced.  These are perfect for group work, workshops and summer camps.  Exercises for your advanced students include exercises on classification of ballet steps and worksheets on topics like the importance of warming up.  No more excuses for not knowing their theory!  Find out more about the Ballet Theory Mega Activity Pack over in the Resources for Dance Teachers Store.


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