Props for Preschool Dance class

Props for Preschool Dance Class are an absolute must have. The kids love to use them, they provide an extra element of magic and creative play and the inclusion of props for Preschool Dance class  helps to structure your class. If you are looking for Preschool Dance class plans, check out the Preschool Dance class plan Blueprint series.

Top ten props for Preschool Dance

  1. Scarves – I would literally not teach Preschool Dance without my trusty pink sparkly scarves! There are so many ways you can use them! Sautės, spins and sways, pretend dress ups, peak-a-boo, making shapes, the list is endless! More info on my must have Preschool Dance items here.
  2. Crowns – what little girl doesn’t love a crown!? I love to make a big fuss of pretending to dress up and put on our real tiara. Crowns are great for practicing balances. You don’t want to fall over and lose your crown!
  3. Wands – wands are also a must have when it comes to props for Preschool Dance. I love to use wands for Princess marches.

    Props for Preschool Dance class
    This is a great little set which will set you up with crowns and wands!!!
  4. Fairy Wings – Wings! Need I say more?! Popping on your fairy wings is the perfect way to practice those teeny tiny fairy runs.
  5. Pom Poms – these are a close second to scarves when it comes to my must have props for Preschool Dance. Pom Poms fix everything! They really do! Find a great song that you love, shake your Pom Poms up, down and round about and then have a Pom Pom party. Alternatively you can use them as a pony tail to do some pony trots

    I love these ones. Fairly tough and PINK!!!
  6. Maracas – These can be used as an alternative to Pom Poms and can also be used to work on rhythm not and timing. Just make sure they don’t get turned into weapons.valentines preschool ballet
  7. Ribbon rings – these are lovely to pop on the wrist for side gallops. You can make your own using shower curtain rings or a large hair elastic or I quite like the look of theseProps for Preschool dance
  8. Teddy bears – little teddy bears are a super cute ‘sometimes’ addition to your props for Preschool Dance class. You can bring them out once or twice a term and do some fun songs like ‘Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear’, ‘Rock a bye your bear’, ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ and then pretend to go on a Teddy Bear’s picnic. More info on some great Preschool action songs here.
  9. Bean Bags – Little bean bags have lots of uses in your Preschool Dance class. You can practice tippy toe walks with the beanbag on your head or you can place them in a line and have the children jump over them
  10. Glitter batons – these are great for marches. Have the children hold the stick in two hands out in front of them and try to touch the stick with their knees as they march. Glitter sticks are also great for tapping out rhythms on the floor. This is great for laying the foundation of timing. Props for Preschool Dance

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