Ballet Blueprint – ballet curriculum for beginners

Level 1 – digital download pdf

Delivering a quality ballet program for your beginner students aged 5-7 can be a challenge. The Ballet Blueprint is a complete Ballet curriculum for beginners . It is a curriculum, teacher handbook and lesson plan all rolled into one which will help you to foster a love of ballet, to enchant the children but at the same time deliver a pedagogically sound program which fosters sound ballet technique.

ballet curriculum blueprint

The Ballet Blueprint series will help you deliver a quality ballet program for your beginning ballet dancers. Following on from the highly successful Preschool Ballet Blueprint, the Level 1 ballet curriculum for beginners is aimed at school aged students in their first years of formal ballet instruction. It is a complete curriculum designed to be used over a year. Each step is fully choreographed and comes complete with a checklist of what to look for to help ensure good technique is taught, a list of common faults to look out for and appropriate imagery to help facilitate learning.

The Ballet Blueprint comes with it’s own Spotify playlist which includes music for the entire syllabus plus extra tracks to use for improvisation, games etc. The Ballet Blueprint level 1includes 4 dances which can be used over the year. The dances are designed to be used from the very first week to help give students a sense of achievement and gradually build from follow along dances to dances with changes of direction and mime.

ballet blueprint curriculum

This downloadable ballet curriculum for beginners also comes with a Checklist which you can use for your own records or to give out to parents. The Ballet Blueprint Level 1 is beautifully illustrated, showing arms and feet positions. Aside from the curriculum, the Blueprint also acts as a teacher handbook with information on class control, praise and growth mindset theory, encouraging good behaviour, encouraging the acquisition of strong technique and more.

The Ballet Blueprint level one is a compete ballet curriculum which includes

Pedagogically sound curriculum for 5-7 years

  • Pedagogically sound ballet curriculum for 5-7 years
  • Fully choreographed syllabus
  • Playlist
  • Checklist of what to look for in each step
  • Checklist of common faults
  • Imagery for each step to promote learning
  • 4 choreographed dances
  • Report which can be used to give to parents
  • Teachers’ manual
  • Class plans
  • Information on class control, promotion of good technique, promoting good behaviour, praise and growth mindset

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ballet blueprint curriculum


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