Halloween Preschool Dance class plan

As part of the popular seasonal mini Preschool Dance class plans, we hope you enjoy the latest theme…Halloween! The Preschool Dance mini class plan contains 10 pages of fully choreographed steps and fun Halloween themed dance activities which are sure to be a hit with your Preschooler and young school aged dancers. The Halloween themed Preschool dance class is pedagogically sound and focuses on building motor skills, exploring levels, directions, sound and movement whilst appealing to young dancers through an imaginative adventure based experience. Take your dancers on a fun filled journey where they will do a trick or treat dance, pretend to fly on a broom stick and stomp like a zombie. The class plan is based on the Preschool Ballet Blueprint, a complete Preschool curriculum currently being used worldwide to deliver quality preschool dance instruction.

The Halloween Preschool Dance class plan comes complete with suggested props plus a playlist containing the songs for the class plus a range of other Halloween themed songs. All the work is done for you. The Halloween Preschool Dance Plan includes

Dancin’ with Mr Bones – a fun exploration of how different parts of the body can move

Trick or Treat Song – go on a trick or treat adventure combining ballet steps with trick or treating

Ring Around the Pumpkins -spark the imagination as your dancers explore levels and movement while acting out different Halloween themed scenarios.

Tippytoes – an action packed activity exploring different types of movement and different tempos – get ready for FUN!

Dracula’s Hoedown – Set up a trick or treat themed circuit – a great way to end the class and for your dancers to collect some end of class treats.

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